Thursday, August 5, 2010


I can't keep up with posting to this blog! I seem to be behind in everything. This is the latest entry in my art journal. I belong to an art journal group called the Journal Journey at the Roses on My Table Ning site and it helps that we are given prompts to motivate us every two weeks. The last prompt was to journal about a favorite quote. I've always loved this one by Camus.

I am loving this over sized journal I picked up. I took a handful of my favorite Golden heavy bodied acrylics, a palette knife, cranked up my IPod and went to work just spreading paint. I may just paint a ton of pages this way. I love the look of the colors blending together; so vibrant!

I've been really inspired by poetry lately. We subscribe to The New Yorker and the first place I always turn to and read is the poetry. I have discovered some great poets in the last couple of issues and am anxiously awaiting their books from Amazon. Sometimes I'll read a poem and it just punches me in the chest: BAM! That's how these last few poets I've discovered have been. Their words have really spoken to me and given me some deep insight. And there is this continuing theme that they have all had that is running parallel with my own theme that I'm grappling with how to explore in my art. So it's all very exciting and serendipitous.

Plus I really want to explore all of this more using my encaustics. The first day it gets below 90 degrees I will head up to the hot plate. It's been unbearably hot here...not something I deal with very well. It affects my mood...I am a cool weather person. I just tolerate summer (barely) until it goes away. I am so ready for it to be over. Yesterday the heat index here was 104. Blah...

So that's a little of what is going on here. I will try to keep up better with posting! Hope to have more to show soon.