Monday, January 4, 2010

One Word

I've noticed the trend in a lot of my favorite blogs to select a "word for the year". I like that idea. You pick a word that you would like to focus your intentions on for the coming year. My word this year: finish. That's a big one for me. And a close second would be "believe"; as in, believe you CAN finish what you set out to do!

It's no secret that I LOVE new projects and new challenges. I LOVE to start them. I LOVE to keep starting them...I fall a little short on the finishing part. ;) I really, really want to concentrate on that aspect this year. Involved in all of that will be my art journal. It will be my ally and my confidante through this journey. I set my intentions there...the follow through, the finishing will be recorded there as well.

And on that note: I am almost finished with my fabric paper wall hanging! Yay!! I need to get some larger jump rings and a bigger dowel for the mechanical logistics of it. The squares are all finished and beaded. The rows are all laid out in stacks. Now I have to connect all of the jumprings together (4 for each square x 96 squares) and assemble it. It looks awesome laid out on the floor. Though keeping the cat away from it is a full-time job.

I'm very pleased with the colors I chose as I was dying the fabric paper for this project. They all go together beautifully. Even hubby was excited after seeing the whole thing pre-assembled. He said he couldn't visualize what I was doing as I was working on it. But now he gets it! Though he can't believe how many jumprings I have to join! So, off to the store today to get the right sized dowels and a few more jumprings. The completed piece will be shown here soon!

I'm also working on some projects behind the scenes that I haven't really talked about yet. I'll be featuring those soon. But for now I concentrate on my word of the year: Finish! Lots of goals are tied into that one word and I'll share those goals when I'm ready. Stay tuned, it's going to be a full year!

By the way, the cute little girl sketch is by Maya of Scrapbook I LOVE that site. Lots of great elements to use digital art. More on a project I'm involved with on that site later.

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Lori Saul said...

Love your post and what a great art piece full of inspiration! I am looking forward to your wonderful paper wallhanging- sounds incredible Pam!