Friday, August 14, 2009

For Mom

Here's what I've been working on this week. I posted the "before" photo a few posts back. I'm not sure if it's finished. There is another thing I want to do to it but I'm testing the technique on a spare piece of wood first to see what it will look like. You can click on each photo to get a larger view of the texture.

And there is a LOT of texture to this! Suzi Blu had us piling on the media for this lesson. This has a bunch of modeling paste, some oil pastels, Liquitex inks, colored pencil, and paints (that's just the things I can remember). I didn't have the Light Modeling Paste and had to go with the regular. It's not too bad. I have since made a trip out to get the Light Paste and will use that on my next one.

I dedicate this to my Mom, who I know would have liked it. Hopefully she can look down from Heaven every now and then and see I'm always thinking of her.

Here is a closeup view of the face, showing a little better view of the texture:

It was my first time working with the water-soluble oil pastels. They take a while to cure (I found out the hard way). But any "mistake" only lends itself to the aged look of the piece, I think. The intent was to give her an aged, fresco look. I put modeling paste on her face in certain spots and all over her hair. This was definitely an experiment in how to work with the media. I have to say I LOVE working on the wood panel again. Good thing hubby has cut up a bunch of different sizes for me.

I like the way it turned out and I used my favorite colors: blues, purples and a little pink. Plus Golden's Interference Violet and Interference Blue. I want to take a bath in that stuff; I LOVE it! If I decide to add the one final thing, I'll show a photo with that. I'm still undecided on that one.

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