Monday, August 24, 2009

My Sacred Self

I put together this digital collage using some of the elements from this month's Artella studio kit. It's a gorgeous kit about architecture. Part of the background paper is from the kit; I've changed a lot of it. The girl is a new face I'm working on in my journal. I haven't colored her in with the pencils yet, so I thought I would scan her and have a "clean" version of her to use in my digital art. I am not very good at "painting" in Photoshop so I just gave her a little color here.

I just loved the different imagery I pulled together in making this piece. It's fun being able to incorporate my little drawings in my art now. :) Hopefully, when I get better, I'll be able to paint them for real (not just in Photoshop!). I'm taking my time with the journal page trying to really work on my shading so it will be awhile before she's finished. I wanted to show you a glimpse of her now.

And Check out the video on my sidebar! It describes Monica Zuniga's workshops that she offers at her Hands and Heart ning site (link also on my sidebar). She gives you a background on each workhsop and shows you her gorgeous artwork that she will teach you to make in each one. She's an awesome teacher! I'm enrolled in her pencil drawing class now. We are learning how to draw realistic faces. I've just started the first lesson: drawing eyes. I practiced the eyes with the girl in this piece. With all of the digital manipulation it's not easy to see the detail. After I finish her in the journal I will post her again. So check out the video. It's worth it!

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