Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

This was a poem I wrote for an art challenge on the Artella website. It's called Collaboration Station. Every week it alternates between an artist posting an image or a writer posting a piece of writing and then everyone else responds to it, either with an image or writing of their own. The image that was posted for this theme was of a god-like creature sitting on a rock in a mystical place. It was very ethereal and just looked like a fantasy place. This "man" was sitting there just looking into space, and the words on top of the picture were: Where do broken hearts go?

So, I went with that. I thought the fantasy-type land was a good place to start. I had this background paper in my images file and it looked like a fantasy land to me. Then I started thinking about broken hearts. We've all had them. My particular slant was on the broken hearts of the grieving. I lost my mother almost 4 years ago, and am still grieving very much for her. Her birthday is coming up in April. So, my poem was written as if speaking to GRIEF and telling it how I feel. Then, I thought about how time does help soften the hurt. It never goes away, and it doesn't get erased, but in a way it becomes a little more bearable.

I've got a long way to go in my grieving, but I have been writing more poetry lately. That's one way to let it out, I suppose. I'm making a little collection of my poems and will put them in a booklet for myself when I think I've finished.


IcePrincess said...

Can you copy the words of the poem into a comment? I can't read them in that format.

Anonymous said...

I just wish grief didn't feel quite so raw and tangible in those first few moments.
Going through it now and it is so draining and counter-productive to life as you try to carry on...
Your words help. Thank you.