Monday, June 16, 2008

Flea Market Finds

Before I say anything else, I want to thank Lisa Bebi for her kind comment on my last blog post. Thank you, Lisa! I admire her work SO much and to have her take the time to comment on my paintover was a BOOST for me. So, I had to gush a little. ;)

These treasures were a combination of items I picked up on my last trip to the flea market here in town plus some of the little beauties my husband picked up for me in London. In one of my many art mags I came across an altered art project a while back on altering record album cases. Since then, I've had my eyes peeled for one and until yesterday had not seen them in any of the antique stores or flea markets. The article showed a really cool altering of one (minus the albums) and I was thrilled to come across this one. Great project for my to-do list. Then, the lady with the yarn was back and had bins of yarn 2 for $1. I couldn't load the basket fast enough. These are just a few. I'm too embarrassed to include all of them.

Then I came across this little music box. I'm trying to pry off the ruffles because I am interested in the face. I'm going to make a mold of her face and see what I can do with that. I have some molding putty that is supposed to make this very easy. You just knead the two colors they give you together for a minute then place it over your item that you want to make a mold of. We'll see how it turns out.

Meanwhile back in London... hubby ran across an old flea market there and thought I would like these little additions to the studio. I LOVE them! The first is part of an old wooden typecase. It is so cool! It says London across the top and has little cubbies for the type thingies (what are those called?) to go into. He also bought one with the image of scissors to put into it. Then, while he was visiting the Sherlock Holmes Museum (yes, there is such a thing and I insisted that he go if he was near it) he picked up a thimble with the image of Sherlock on it. LOVE it! At Stonehenge he picked up another thimble; this one with Stonehenge image on it. They fit perfectly into the little cubbies. So, I placed these on the shelf beside my table and they make a great addition to the studio.

A fellow Artella member sent me a picture of a beautiful fairy wearing an elaborate gown that she thought would be perfect for paintovers. And she's right! So, with all of this inspiration around me, I must get to work. Plus I'm wanting to get back to all of those zines I received last week. So many things on the agenda, stay tuned for what spills out...

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