Thursday, June 5, 2008

Holding On

Yesterday I ran across this picture of my sisters, my mom and me. My middle sister, Sherry, just left after a short visit. We had a lot of fun, but her visit was way too short for me. I've been feeling a little blue after she left, so I thought I'd look through the family photos. I'm the chubby one (the oldest), then there's Sherry, who is on the far left, and the baby is Paula. Paula is coming for a very short overnight visit on Saturday. She is on her way to see her son Matthew and his new bride Abby out in Iowa. So, I have another family visit to look forward to.

I like the way we are linked in this photo. My mom holding on to Paula, who's holding on to me. Sherry is pointing to me for some reason. Of course, she always was one to point out things to you ... ha! (just kidding, Sherry) If you click on the picture you'll get a better view. I think that's how we all feel now that mom is gone: like we are just holding on to each other. I hope to get my two brothers out here for a visit later this summer. They usually come for the motocross races held in August. And my dad is due to come in after June, I think. So, there is still family to hold on to. I'm thankful for that.

I've been experimenting with painting those clay faces I posted a week ago. I must say I'm happy with about three of them. Now, I've ventured into making bodies for them. Pictures to come soon! One of the faces of the old man I got so flustered with trying to glue hair onto him that I just plopped a tuft on his head. He's really one of my favorites now, just because he's so funny. He's begging for a caption. I'll make sure to include him in the first batch of photos I take.

I dug out all of how-to books about dolls. I'm determined to get one made that I like. I'm in various stages on about three of them right now. We'll see how they turn out. They are curing now. Should be ready for paint and whatever else I can throw together by tonight. Stay tuned...

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Very nice. I love the background!