Thursday, May 21, 2009

Grunge With A Twist

I got a little distracted on the way down to the doll workshop! Yesterday I received my "pixel packet" from As part of my membership in the Digital Art club I receive a monthly digital kit based on a theme: this month, it was grunge. I love grunge art! But I like to put my own twist on it: add just a bit of pretty color (I know, then it's not grunge!). But the grunge is still there...cracks, smudges, blotches, etc.

Anyway, once I made one piece I couldn't stop and I ended up making a few pieces. These were my three favorites (in this order!). The first one I call, "Beauties in Grunge". These women were so beautiful nothing could make them ugly. The top one is Sophia Loren and the bottom, of course, Marilyn Monroe.

This next one came with the word "THINK" spray painted onto a white, paint-chipped background. I gave it lots of color but kept the spray painting, of course. I hunted for some kind of image that would physically fit under the words AND apply somewhat to their meaning. I found this image in my Dover Designs file. Every week I get clip art from them that I save to use in my art. I'm getting a pretty good stash. This is from their "Erte's Coloring Book" and it's Erte's Sleeping Beauty. I call it, "Erte's SleepingBeauty Grunge".

And, of course, I had to throw some Zetti art into the bunch. This was a jumble of grunge backgrounds merged together, a little color thrown in and a few Zetti images. This one is called, "Extreme Grunge: Zetti Style".

Now I really am going to work in my doll workshop today. I have a nice big work bench down there and all of my doll/jewelry supplies, along with my Dremel drill, clay oven and tons of clay. So, off I go!

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