Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is part of a journal page I made for yesterday. This is just the image part; the rest of the page is shown below. I didn't include the writing that I did because it was too personal but the image says a lot of what the writing expounded upon. I am trying to keep the promise I made to myself to journal more and visual journalling really is a healing process!

I have my art table completely covered up right now working on my doll. I didn't want to remove all of the material to make a journal page so I compromise and have a digital journal going for days like yesterday when it's just not feasible to drag all of the art supplies out onto the table. I like to keep both types of journals (digital and traditional) and am finding these work well for me.

Here is the entire journal page (minus the writing):

Other news: the doll. Well, I ran into a snag yesterday when I went to give her the first coat of Paperclay. It just wasn't going well! I forgot to mention that before I can sculpt her face she needs a base coat of Paperclay. So that was the plan for yesterday: get the base coat on and then today start sculpting the face (my favorite part). But the clay, or more accurately, MY APPLICATION of the clay, didn't work. It ended up being gooey and sticky and completely NOT what was supposed to happen! Aaargghhhh....! So before it could dry like that I wiped it all off and set her under a fan to dry.

I had a feeling I was using too much water to blend the clay. Every time I've tried to use Paperclay I just have not had good luck. Other doll artists love it and I'm determined to get this right. So I contacted Jane, the workshop instructor, and described to her what happened. She said it sounded like I was definitely using too much water and that with a new package of clay I shouldn't need much at all to blend it! Note to self: today EASY ON THE WATER!!! So, while I was at it, I gave the doll another coat of Gesso so she would be good and sturdy for the clay. Today she should be dry enough to start again. Hopefully this time the first layer of Paperclay will stick!

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