Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Worlds

I put this little piece together to celebrate all of the new worlds I'm discovering in my art! And chief among these new worlds is the doll world. I have my primitive doll about 3/4 of the way completed. If you look on the right sidebar, the ad for Cloth-Clay Doll Workshop has a photo of a primitive doll. This is the style of the doll I am making. It is a cloth doll that has the face sculpted out of Paperclay.

I have the doll sewn together, stuffed, covered with first layer of Paperclay, face sculpted, skirt made (my first gathered skirt!) and I just finished giving her the first coat of paint. Tomorrow I will detail her, make her a wig and fit her skirt. It's really kind of scary. After all of the work done on her so far, the first layer of paint on the doll is black. The entire doll is painted black! Aaahhh...!! But I saw how Jane did it and that's the look I want to go for. Remember...vintage! So, she's a little doll painted all black sitting on my sewing table right now.

Yes, the sculpting of the face is definitely a primitive look. I fiddled and fussed with it for two days. Finally you have to let it go and figure you'll get better with each face you sculpt. So, she's no ravishing beauty but she will pass for the vintage doll I'm aiming for. I have plans for her outfit and hair which will help give her more personality.

Anyway, that's what I'm celebrating today. You see me up in the attic of the little house in the picture? I'm feeling pretty good about right now...Hope you have a safe Holiday weekend. More to come later...

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