Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Asian Themed ATC

This is an Asian-themed ATC that I made for the winner of a lottery in one of my Yahoo groups. There were actually two lotteries: you signed up if you were interested in receiving a kit of Asian themed ephemera. This was a huge kit with tons of really cool stuff! The group owner made up 20 kits and would use a random generator to pick 20 people for the win. The group has over 100 members and at least half of them signed up for the lottery. I was one of the lucky winners. You paid a small fee for the kit but the amount of stuff you received was valued way above what you had to pay.

Then she decided to do another lottery with the winners of the kits. One name would be picked from everyone who won a kit and that person would receive an ATC from everyone using the elements from the kit. I was not the lucky winner of that drawing so here is my contribution for her.

One of the things included in the kit were some actual bamboo leaves. I cut two of those up into strips and then made a bamboo weave for the background. Then I cut up some chopsticks that were included and used those as side borders. The gold joss paper was used on the top the rest of the paper items were used as decoration. The final bit was a jade Buddha that I used epoxy to affix to the card. I have no idea what the little strip of writing says at the top; I assume it's not offensive. ;)

Now I'm off to the post office to make the deadline for getting these in. The card was fun to make and I still have a ton of things left in the kit that will come in handy for future collages. Stay tuned.

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