Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Little MissUnderstood

For the first time EVER, I can say that I'm finally able to use a little bit of MY original artwork in a piece! Yay!! The face in this piece is my little suspender girl (see last post). The rest of the artwork is from digital files I already had but the face is mine!! :)

I'm on the hunt for the birch plywood I'll need to mount my doll onto. Suzi uses 6" x 12" but we can use any size we like. I'm painting the body of my girl today. The face is to be drawn and colored with color pencils (done) and the body is to be lightly painted with acrylic paint. All of this is done on our sketchbook paper. Then we cut them out and separate the head (off with the head!). That way we can place the head at an angle if we like when we collage it onto the wood. So, lots to do today.

I was looking at her face and thought how she kind of looks sad (not intentional) and decided to make a little digital collage with her in it.

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