Sunday, June 21, 2009

BOO! Just For Fun

Here's my creepy, sad-eyes girl. She's a little on the ghoulish side but would be great for Halloween. I like the Tim Burton style of art and this is sort of along those lines. She's sad, yes, but she has her dolly to keep her company. Hr dolly is pretty happy, though! Hubby said she's too sad. I said, Duh! That's the point!! Anyway, thought I'd put her up today. She's one of my favorites and I'm going to use her in the class, too. I'll have a pretty doll and a ... uh, her. ;)
Loving the class. One thing I learned: the lessons run two weeks at a time. That's good! I have a whole week to work on more faces and settle on what doll I'll use in the workshop. She is putting up a critique video sometime today. That's all for today. Back to sketching...

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