Thursday, July 23, 2009

Chunky Book Love

I love chunky books! It's been awhile since I had participated in a chunky book swap so I signed up for this one with the theme: Home Sweet Home. These photos are listed in order of my favorites. You can click on each photo to get a larger view. The first house is called, "Home of the Muse". I used my own handmade fabric paper as the background and embellished it with napkins, chipboard, mica (for the window) and a white picket fence! I really had a good time with these. I love house images and seem to use them a lot in my art.

This second house is called, "Paris is Home". I used two of the Digital Grounds images that I printed onto soft gel medium and layered them over each other. The bottom image is a map of France and the image of the woman is overlapped onto that. The Digital Grounds makes the images transparent and gives them a mysterious effect, I think. The background is this really cool wrapping paper with a French theme that I toned down with some Titan Buff paint. I also collaged a sheet of French Textbook paper onto the background and covered that with a little of the paint. I really like the softness of the image and the muted colors.

This next house is called, "House of Memories". It has more of a vintage theme. I used mainly scrapbook papers and assorted collage papers for the background. I found these cool things called Fragments by Tim Holtz. I used one as the "window" that I placed over the image of the little boys. These fragments come in a big package with assorted sizes. I'll definitely use those again in my collages.

This last house is called, "Childhood Home". I wanted to give it a playful feeling so I used a lot of vintage images of children, some rubber stamps, a transparency of some dolls, a ribbon and a little heart patch I had in my stash.

I've been doing a lot of work in my art journal and my sketches for the Goddess and the Poet class are coming along. I'll post more of these soon. That's it for now.

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