Sunday, July 12, 2009

Two Journal Pages

I've been a little behind in some of the projects I committed to doing and thought I would take a deep breath. I've been so excited about the Petite Dolls painting that I let other things kind of slide. So, I started to catch up today. I like to keep up with the digital art journal that I have going at Digital Whisper.ning and I've missed the last two prompts.

The first photo is from the prompt that showed a stone wall. The prompt was something like "you've been told that you CAN'T do something. What is your response?" I changed the wall a little bit and added other things that brought out what I was thinking when I made this piece.

The second prompt said to think of a word that applies to how you felt this week. Well, I had two words: hurried and under pressure (ok, three words). That's why I'm so tired! So, this page just kind of came together pretty quickly with that prompt!

Now I can re-group and start these other little projects that I've been putting off. AFTER I take a nap!! ;)

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