Monday, July 13, 2009


Kimmie, the wonderful host at Digital Whisper.ning, posted a really nice piece of art featuring a haunted house for a group called "The Darker Side". It was so intriguing...I just couldn't forget it. I checked out the group and it's like a Gothic art site. I find myself really intrigued by the vampire trends in today's fiction. I am tempted to read the Twilight series of books but I haven't done so yet.

Anyway, I wanted to create a "darker" image of my own and came up with this little montage of images. I think it's funny how I gravitate to different subject matter. But when I see something that grabs me I want to explore it further. I'm mulling all of this around in my head while anticipating the next couple of workshops I'm taking. Wednesday will be the first day for two new ones: Suzi Blu's "The Goddess and The Poet" and over at Creative Workshops "Faux Encaustics". Both of these look to be fantastic workshops and I'm making notes of all of these ideas I have swirling in my head right now.

"The Goddess and The Poet" will be cool because not only are we drawing more lifelike portraits but we are adding our own poetry. What a great combination for art! And the "Faux Encaustics" looks to be really inspiring. I love encaustic work but after investigating the cost of the equipment I decided to hold off on that for awhile. From the sample artwork that Jodi Ohl (the teacher) put in the promo, it looks like the next best thing. So, we'll see!

Just thought I'd put this piece up today. Lots of images coming to mind for future work. Stay tuned...

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