Saturday, December 12, 2009

HeART Quilt

I've had quite a busy last couple of weeks. After battling the flu some more and getting rid of that, I managed to pull a muscle in my back. Ugh! Hopefully all of that is behind me now and I can get back to making art!

Lately I've been itching to play with my fabric stash. This is the base of a little art quilt I'm working on. It's just a 5" x 7" piece of muslin sewn to a felt backing. I sprayed the muslin with Adirondack Inks and then rubbed a Shiva paintstik over some rubber stamps that I held under the fabric. After heat setting the paintstiks, I stitched over the heart outlines with gold metallic thread. This isn't finished yet. I still want to add a few beads and maybe some words. I'm still thinking about it.

I have a series of these little quilts started. All of them will have at least one heart in the design. The next one incorporates one of my latest sketches. It's curing right now. The paintstiks have to sit for at least 24 hours before you can heat set them. Hope to have something to post in a few days.

We made it through the annual Christmas party for hubby's students. That was Thursday evening and also the day that I pulled the muscle in my back. Everything went fine. Here is a view of our Christmas tree right before everyone arrived. This is taken from the 2nd floor loft area:

Here's the view from the 1st floor landing:

And here it is on the ground floor:

I think it went pretty well. We had a good turnout and everyone seemed to like the ornaments I made them. Now that all the hoopla is over for another year I can get back to work in my studio. Yay! Stay tuned...there are some interesting experiments going on behind the scenes.

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