Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Heart Whispers

Here is the latest art quiltlet I made. I sketched the girl onto muslin and then cut fabric for her hoodie and roughly sewed it on. The hearts are beaded with glass beads. I painted the background with a bronze metallic paint mixed with fabric medium. I painted the sun, her face and hair using Neocolor II crayons mixed with water. I left the threads hanging from her jacket because I like the uneven, loose feel of the stitches.

I was inspired by the fashion sketches of Kat MacLeod. She is an awesome artist and I love the loose style of her fashion sketches. I'm using her sketches as "models" while I try my hand at sketching in this style. I have a few other little fabric pieces in the works right now. I want to experiment more with this type of look.

I've really missed working with fabrics and my sewing machine. These little pieces are fun and there's no pressure to get the stitches just right; they are intentionally haphazard and uneven. I like that. I've got tons of threads, yarns, fibers, etc. that I'm playing with in another piece that I hope to post soon. The beading is what takes the longest. I'm no expert at it. I just pick beads I like and sew them on however they will fit. That works just fine for me. ;)

On another front: I finally received my Moleskine notebook for the Fiction Project from Art House Coop. Yay!! Here is what I was sent:

You can click on the photo to read more about the project. I have to fill this notebook with a story and accompanying artwork. The majority of the book needs to be the story since they are emphasizing the fiction aspect of the project. We are given a loose guideline for our story and I love what they gave me. My theme is "A Million Little..." . So many possibilities for that!

So I'll be mulling that around in the back of my mind while I set about creating my little story. This book will be mailed back to them and sent to a library along with the other entries they receive. There they will be housed in a permanent installation that people can check out and read while they are in the library. Very cool! I have another Moleskine that I'll be using to make a duplicate of this book. That way I'll have one to keep. Obviously we won't get these back if they are to be housed in the library. The Art House Coop has a great site and there are always little projects to sign up for. Check them out if you get a chance.

That's it for today. Everyone have a safe and happy holiday!

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