Thursday, August 21, 2008

Finished Afghan and Another DAB!

I finished my afghan! While it wasn't as speedy as a pro could have done it (the pattern said it could be finished in 6 hours!), I did manage to finish it within a week. That's speedy for me! You can click on the photo to get a better view. It doesn't show up very well on the photos, but the pattern is a basket weave pattern. I used 4 strands of yarn throughout the whole thing. That's a new one for me. Previously, the most I've used was two strands at once to knit with. Four strands was a challenge, even with the invention that hubby made me.
Again, while there are obvious flaws, I'm pretty happy with it. It coordinates with my color scheme in the living room and now hangs over the edge of my chaise that looks out over the back yard. It will be nice and cozy this winter. Hubby wants one for the TV room in the basement now. He wants team colors, but they aren't my favorite and I've yet to see orange and black yarn, so I told him we may just have to go neutral. Whew!
I also chose my next digital altered book to work on. I hadn't noticed this one before. Artella did add about 15 new books to choose from, but this one was in the old lot. I liked the title and the possibilities of embellishing pages to go along with this theme just jumped out at me. It's going to be a whimsical book, so I'll have lots of fun finding images to go along with it.
I'm going to try and incorporate more of this book than I have with the other books I've done. There are cute little poems and illustrations already in place, so it will be fun to add to these. I've already got some images of little girls to include. As usual, I'll post my progress as it happens.
The zine should be wrapped up by mid-week. I am going to finish painting and touching up the pages this weekend. That will just leave copying and assembling for next week. I'll post a few of my favorite pages before mailing it off. That's it for now.

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