Saturday, August 2, 2008

Wings to Imagination Zine Pages

Here are two pages I'm working on for my Wings zine. The second photo is still a work-in-progress and will probably end up with a different background. Printing out ten copies of that page would probably take one whole ink cartridge! The first photo is that awesome quilt made by my mother-in-law, Lydia T. It came to me last night that it would make a great page for the zine, kind of like opening the door to your imagination. Then the words, "art gives wings to imagination" sounded good, so I made it the theme of that page. I used a digital page from my files as a background. It's funny the things that come to you after you've gone to bed!

The third photo is this great fabric I found! Although there are technically no wings on it, it still can apply broadly to my theme. I couldn't resist the colors. I'm also a sucker for anything with sun, moon or stars so whenever I see them I'm SOLD! I hope to have enough fabric to include two squares per zine: one sun and one moon. If not, I'll photocopy and substitute that. I'm finding that the printer cartridges are not lasting long at all, so I'm trying not to have to print out too many things when the fabric or scrapbook paper can suffice.

That's all for today. Just wanted to post a little glimpse of what I'm working on. Stay tuned...

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