Friday, August 1, 2008

Quote Me

Today it's all about quotes. I ran across the quote by Camus on another art blog this morning. I have a very large list of favorite art blogs that I skim every morning while having my coffee. This inevitably leads to adding more blogs to my Favorites, since those bloggers often list THEIR favorites and I have to check those out which just leads to a vicious circle... Anyway, I have always admired Camus. I have his notebooks and most of his novels. They are full of inspiration and insight.

What inspires you? I'm often inspired by other artists' work, by poetry, by music, by art challenge blogs and even by evening walks with hubby; it depends on what stimulus I'm surrounded by at the time. Today, it's quotes. The other quotes are what I found when I looked under "wings" in a quotation book; tons of quotes. I am including these particular ones in a "mini-zine" that will be incorporated into a page of my Wings Zine. The mini-zine is a small note card size 3" x 3" that I stapled these into.

The papers are digital papers from my collection. I found a cool font and voila! Art quotes. The Camus quote I cut out to a size of 2" x 1" and adhered to the same size of pressed wood rectangles. The rectangles will then be placed into an envelope I made from various scrapbook papers. Pretty cool. I'll adhere it to the page in my zine dedicated to collage finds. I plan on putting different ephemera onto the page for the folks to take and use for their own collages.

I'm making my zine to be a hands-on, goodies-packed affair. It's not typical of a zine, but since there will only be ten copies I have more freedom to spend more time on them. It will be one big Christmas in October package! They have to be mailed by Oct. 12.

Also, Artella is hosting another digital altered book contest. You KNOW how I love those. So, I'm trying to decide which book to use. If you're not familiar with them, check on the side listings under "My Digital Altered Books" and click on those. They are a lot of fun to make. Plus, they keep my Photoshop skills tuned up. Stay tuned for more on this...

Enough for now. One of my favorite bloggers at Sharon Tomlinson often uses the word enough to signal the end of a blog post. I like that! Check out her blog. She is an amazing artist and has opened my eyes to using napkins (!) in her art. Awesome work she does. OK, this time I really mean it; ENOUGH!

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