Sunday, August 17, 2008

Finished Project!

I finished my first baby blanket! Yes, there are some flaws and they are noticeable, but overall I'm pretty happy with it. I hope Matt and Abbey can overlook the flaws and still see that a lot of love went into making the blanket.

My next knitting project is for my hubby and me. I'm making an afghan with the colors of our living room in it: browns, golds, blues and some purples and greens. The colors don't show up as well on the camera, but that is what is in these skeins. I'm using these huge knitting needles that I mentioned in an earlier post. They are size 50 and are called Speed Stix. The afghan comes from the booklet of speed stix projects. It will be a basket weave pattern. You use 4 strands of yarn at once, and it will take 8 skeins. I managed to get to JoAnn when they were having a 2 for 1 sale on this particular yarn that was called for! I already had 3 skeins, so needed 5 more. I got those this morning and have already started.

Of course, the book says the afghan takes only 6 hours. I don't have 6 uninterrupted hours to spend on it, but I should get it done within the next day or two. I have a few more scarves to knit for Christmas presents, and maybe another afghan as a present. We'll see how fast these speed stix really are. It was a challenge at first to: a) work with such large needles and b) to hold 4 strands at once. Hubby's invention he made for me made that much easier! I have 4 large spools on a holder. The spools all rotate together and each spool holds 1 skein of yarn. It's perfect!

Well, back to work. I wanted to show off my little baby blanket. Now that I've made one, I may get them another one made before I have to send the package. My zine should be wrapped up by the end of the week and ready to mail. Stay tuned for completed pages of that project!

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