Monday, March 2, 2009

Art Doll

This is an art doll I made using the techniques of doll artist Joanna Pierroti. There was a wonderful section about her dolls and her techniques in the book, Exhibition 36 by Susan Tuttle. Joanna used antique wooden spools for her dolls' bodies. I do have a few of those but I want to practice a little more before using them.

You start with any plastic doll head and after you use her technique you end up with what looks like an antique porcelain doll. Here are some closeups of the face:

You paint her lips and give her a little color on her cheeks and then decorate the head. I love this technique. The body of her her dolls was usually just wrapped in vintage lace and fabrics and she had them mounted on a piece of wood. So, not bad for a first try.

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