Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Creative Journey

I have just signed up for the coolest class! It's called, "The Creative Journey" and it's loosely based on Joseph Campbell's "The Hero's Journey". If you Google "the hero's journey" you'll get a lot of info on the concept. There have been a ton of classes formed that explore this idea further as it applies to certain areas of people's lives; e.g. creativity in this case.

The class is taught by Barb Kobe and you can read about her and the other classes she offers at her website: The class runs from Feb. 22 to May 3. It is designed to help you through a difficulty in your life, a life transition, deciding what to do with your life, or any other kind of question you may have about how to proceed on a certain issue.

It is set up in a game motif. You design a game board based on your life and what you're going through. The above example is somebody's actual game board from a previous class. Throughout your journey you'll design game pieces or characters to signify obstacles, allies, fears, etc. The dolls in the collage above are actual game pieces from participants of past classes.

It's not too late to sign up. There has only been one lesson so far. You can listen to the recordings of the classes as often as you need to. You get an e-booklet of the class curriculum that contains all of the info you'll need to design and make your game board, how the game is played, creating characters, etc. There is also a private Yahoo group for the participants where you can access files, photos, and other info that you'll need.

I'm in the process of designing my game board. I'm almost finished. We have a teleconference scheduled for next Sunday night. By then we should have our game boards finished and our "hero" character finished and named. I'll be posting bits and pieces of my Journey as I go along. This should be a lot of fun!

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