Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lighthouse At Sunset

Here is one of the 25 pages I've been busy making for my skinny book swap. You can see they are time consuming! I used inks in the background on each page, then a white gel pen for the snow. Next, I adhered a lighthouse that I scanned from a Christmas card and sketched in. I added textured fiber medium mixed with titanium white liquid acrylic paint to get the "snow" effect on the lighthouse. Then, of course, my trusty glass bead gel medium for the snow on the ground. Finally, I sketched in part of a tree on the left hand side to give a little more contrast to the page. I topped it off with a big Swarovski crystal for the light at the top! If you click on the photo you'll get a larger version and can see the detail a lot better.

I thought I'd show you one of these pages when I finished one that would make a good photo. Now, I've got to add the final touches to about 22 more and get them ready to take to the post office tomorrow. Stay tuned...I'll try and get a shot of all of them in a group photo before I pack them up.

It's very cold and snowy here today. This is a perfect day to stay inside and work on these pages! Stay warm!!

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Sherry said...

Very pretty. The "snow" on the ground looks neat.