Sunday, January 18, 2009

"Paris" Pages

After learning the lessons from batch one, I am ready to start with batch two of my fat book sheets. I'm starting with a 12"x12" muslin square. These will be cut into 4"x4" squares when they are finished. So, here are my supplies all ready to go (learned this lesson the hard way; see previous post).

I went through all of the steps and produced 5 sheets that I liked better than the first batch. Here are my top three pages: This first one was my favorite of the five.

This one was my second favorite. I liked the colors and the composition of both of these:

This one was ok. I could have used less of the tissue paper and more of the images, but it will be fine for the fat book:

For today's batches I am using magazine images, which is what Beryl Taylor used in her technique. So far, I have only used wallpaper on my pages. The magazine papers will be thinner and probably easier to glue down. I have to make 16 sheets of this fabric paper, so I have a lot of room for experimenting with the different papers. I have to make enough sheets to be able to cut 125 4"x4" pages. So, off to do batch 3. Stay tuned...


Sherry said...

Looks very complicated, but the finished product is nice. So - how many will you receive back from other people?

Isabella said...

Hey, Sis! I will get 120 pages back. So, it's worth the effort!