Monday, January 19, 2009

Tell Me I'm Dreaming...

Well, last night I had a big scare. I thought that I had been doing my fabric paper technique wrong! Ahhh!! Nightmare! But, after I started breathing again... I figured out it was OK after all. What I've done so far is technically correct. I am not completely happy with the results, but it's fine.

I was reading over an old issue of Somerset Studio and someone had used the technique in some pretty little hat boxes. But I noticed her fabric paper didn't look anything like mine! After reading further, I saw where her technique was different. In the last step, instead of just putting bits of tissue paper here and there, which I happen to like, she adhere a whole sheet over the entire page. Ahh...that is why her fabric paper had such a soft look. They had an entire sheet of tissue paper covering the images, almost like a see-through curtain.

So, today I tried it her way. Tomorrow when they are dry I'll see if there is a big difference. I know there will be because a couple of the sheets I did yesterday with the magazine pages didn't have any tissue paper at all (NOT really the correct technique), since I was thinking that was optional. Duh! So, after thinking about how to use those magazine page sheets, I figured I'll adhere them as a base for my collages, then paint over those or cover parts up however I want to.

After finishing the eight sheets I did today, I decided to make a little digital collage about dreaming. That's what too little sleep and a big project will do to you!

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