Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bella Donna

Today I made a digital collage inspired by music. I have had the song, "Bella Donna" by Stevie Nicks running through my head all day. I learned in one of the Yahoo groups that I belong to that when you have a song running through your head over and over, it's called an "earworm". Who knew? I think it's meant to be a negative thing. Usually, the songs that run through my head ARE ones I don't even like. But I like Stevie's music. So, in this case, it was a good thing. Here, I think clicking on the photo really does show it better.

I found another awesome site for Photoshop brushes. In this piece I used my favorite ones from , and a new site called Beautiful brushes on all of these sites. Someday I'll learn to create my own, but I doubt they will be as mystical as these.

We are having some heavy winds here. Tonight they are even stronger than they were today. When I went to the post office to mail my lovely lady cards (see previous post), as I opened the car door the envelope carrying my lovelies flew right out of my hand. I chased it across the parking lot and it landed face down in a big puddle of water. Did I mention we are getting monsoon rains, too? So, my little envelope was soaked! Not to worry. I always mail my cards in a bubble envelope. I just had to wipe it off on my clothes before I could take it to the guy behind the counter to meter. I'll be glad when this high wind warning is over. The windows are even rattling.

We had a slight power outage this afternoon; maybe two or three seconds. The computer shut off, the clocks blinked, etc. After everything was reset I didn't think anything about it. Until... after dinner when I went to make my coffee...NO COFFEEPOT! It's kaput! Coincidence? I think not. I'm not even going to tell you how I managed to still have my coffee. It wasn't pretty. But the first thing on my list tomorrow: new coffeepot. I canNOT live without that! Stay tuned...

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