Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lucky Lady Dip

Here is a group of ATC's I just completed for a swap called, "Lucky Lady Dip". The idea is to pick from a list of over 50 titles of themed "ladies" to make. It's a 4 for 4 swap; you make 4 and you'll get 4 in return. The 4 titles I picked were: Gothic Goddess, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds, Marionette and Lady Gray Ghost.

Obviously the one pictured above is the Gothic Goddess. I colored her face in with with charcoal pencil just to give her a little more contrast. I added a background of black flowered paper, and two kinds of black lace. Then I placed a layer of black tulle over the whole thing.

This next one is my Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds. I really love the way these all turned out. I'm going to hate sending them off! For her card I made the background with Gold MicaFlake. It's this wonderful product from Golden that I found at DickBlick online. It's just as shiny and vibrant as the photo shows! I LOVE it!! Then I embellished her gown with different sizes of Swarovski crystals. I can't decide which of these cards is my favorite.

Next is Marionette. I tried to make her into a puppet, obviously, with that name. If you look closely you can see the threads I tied around her finger and on her right side. She's supposed to be on a puppet stage and the strings reach up into the rafters to her puppeteer.

And finally we have Lady Gray Ghost. When I picked this title I had a vague idea of a vintage photo of a lady in a tattered gown and a fancy hat. I found this photo online when I searched for "lady gray ghost" just to see what popped up. This is exactly how I pictured her to be!! (scary) It's actually an advertisement for a costume! Perfect. So I painted up some cheesecloth in a dove gray color and added that, along with some white lace, to her photo. And of course a cameo to finish it off.

These were all so much fun to do. I hate to get rid of them though. But I'm curious to see what I'll get in return. Stay tuned...

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