Friday, February 13, 2009

Haunted By Her Past

This is a collage I am making for the Baker's Dozen Collage Exchange out of New Zealand. I mentioned this project awhile back. I've set aside the next two weeks to work on the 13 collages I need to make (sized 8" x 10"). At first I was thinking I would do most of them around a fashion theme. I will still do some of them around that theme. But now I think I'll just dip into my images and see what inspires me.

This particular version is a digital collage. I can easily make it into 3-D and will do so. The "ghosts" and the shadow will be rub-ons I'll make using transparencies and applied after all of the rest of the papers are glued down. I'm finishing up the last of the ATC's I committed to doing for awhile and then I can concentrate solely on these collages. Stay tuned. . .

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