Monday, September 29, 2008

Taking Risks -- Part Two

First things first. My digital altered book has been converted and is finished! As usual, Artella did a fantastic job with the files. Click on the link to right on Everything and Anything under My Digital Altered Books. That had to be record time for the book conversion. What a happy surprise when I opened my e-mail this morning.

I decided to post my finished front and back covers of the altered book. I tweaked the front cover just a little from what I previously posted. I just felt that it needed something going down the left side. After adding the ribbon I was finally satisfied with it. The reason my name doesn't show up on the front cover is the contest rules said not to have your name anywhere on the book. When people vote on the book it's supposed to be without knowing who created it. After the contest is over, they will put my name back on the cover. Fair enough! The back cover is my second favorite page! Hubby really liked it too. Those two little girls are so sweet! I tried to keep the theme of childhood and playfulness throughout the book, beginning and ending with these two little ones.

Now, on to the taking risks. I posted a couple of days ago about my new theme for my approach to my art: taking risks. I am totally on board for trying all new media, techniques, etc. in my projects. I am not that knowledgeable about those techniques, though. I admire the beautiful work I see coming out of my favorite magazines such as Somerset Studio, Art Doll Quarterly, Cloth, Paper & Scissors, and Quilting Arts. They often include a section on "how to" achieve the look of the art, but sometimes the directions are pretty vague.

I came across this book at Barnes & Noble while looking for another art book I want to get but which hasn't been released yet. (Hurry up Oct. 1!) Anyway, this is a gem of a book! It's the style of art I really like. Her name is Kelly Rae Roberts and her art is very similar to Sharon Tomlinson's, whose blog I have marked at the link to the right called "All Norah's Art".

This is a very good book! It's conversational style is friendly and you just feel like you are sitting down with your best art pal discussing your favorite techniques! She has a very good, detailed, illustrated step-by-step section at the end of each chapter that guides you on how to achieve the technique shown at the beginning of the section. She covers such things as working with plaster, creating polymer clay forms and painting and inking faces to use in your collages. I highly recommend it just for the techniques!

So I've found new risks I want to take in creating my collages. The plaster forms are calling my name, as are the polymer clay shapes. I've always shied away from baking the clay and having to condition it, cut it, etc. but she has persuaded me to give it a try. Years ago I bought a little toaster oven at the thrift store for a couple of dollars to use solely for baking clay but I never got up the nerve to try. That oven has been packed away in a box all of this time. Today I unpacked it, dusted it off and am going to give this a try. Stay tuned for more developments...

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Sharon said...

Hi, I followed you back. Thanks for visiting and I'm sorry if I haven't been before. Great ATCs...I relate to the 60's for sure.
And thank you for the shout out. How cool. I was just gifted with Kelly's book and haven't had the time yet to get into it. That's on this weekend's list.
Come back soon.