Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vintage Treasures

I try to make it to our local flea market at least once a month, just to see what vintage items I can find. I was doing the happy dance when I spotted these! The top photo is a very old printer's case. Heaven!! I've been wanting something with little niches that I wan to alter in a unique way. I have some divine cigar boxes, courtesy of my brother-in-law Richard, (thanks, again!!) that I'm going to use for my art dolls, but I was wanting to find something larger with more openings. Voila! I was a sight to see carting THIS thing through the aisles! ;)

The next photo is a very old sewing cart. All of the contents were included! There are some very old rusty scissors (great for collage!), tons of ribbon, pins, buttons, fabric scraps, mending tape, etc. You can click on the photo to get a better view. This is a goldmine for collage. The vintage buttons are still on the button cards! I have to admit I was absolutely giddy when I saw this. The price on both of these items was a steal.

The third photo is a stack of vintage books. These are OLD. The pages are yellowed but not brittle; they are going to be altered anyway. I've been reading about a technique I want to try for altering vintage book covers with your own art. It involves removing the hardback covers altogether. But, I may leave the covers on these books intact and just make them into altered books. There are some great images in the French text book that I will definitely use.

So, these items are calling my name from the studio. I finished my digital altered book and sent the files away for conversion. When I get the link to the finished product, I'll post it here. Now, the only outstanding item that I need to finish is my zine. I've been playing with a few of the pages and am redoing them. I know, I know... let it alone already! But, I'm not happy with it and I still have time to tweak. I'll post my favorite pages when I finish with it.

I found the perfect background for the new ATC's on the '60's theme. I'll post it tomorrow! Stay tuned...

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