Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ATC Mania

Here is a digital mock up of one of the ATC's I'm working on for the Artella 60's Flashback ATC swap. I found some really groovy images to use on the web and some of hubby's music paraphernalia! :) The second photo is some cool fabric I came across. It's actually a bandanna that I found at Michael's. Perfect! I'll cut out bits and use on my card backgrounds.

I found a site that had a bunch of 60's buttons like the one on this card. I'm going to print out a few and add this glaze to the paper which makes it look like a plastic coating. Each card will have a semi-real button attached to it. There were some pretty hardcore buttons back then. Being easily distracted, I spent way too much time looking at different 60's culture websites! It was a fascinating era.

Speaking of ATC's, I was browsing through Yahoo groups yesterday and came across their ATC swaps. This group creates swaps for every theme imaginable! I couldn't believe all of the great ideas for ATC's! And then I stumbled up the ... Art Doll ATC swap! Yay!! This is a year-long swap (starting in October). Woohoo! Your four ATC's are due in the hostess' hands on the last day of each month. You get five in return! The hostess creates one for everyone. What a bonus! Every month has a theme and of course October's is Halloween. So, that little swap will keep my creative juices flowing. It's funny because I was going to suggest an art doll swap in the Artella ATC swaps. I may still do so, but this will make sure I get a regular "fix" for my art doll obsession.

This will also add to my stash of ATC's from different artists. I'm still thinking of a way to make a collage with all of them, either printed out on fabric or as they are. I want to get a good stash built up though. I'm especially looking forward to receiving my first batch of art doll ATC's. That will be a special group. From the looks of the gallery, those people are very talented. I hope mine measure up. I'll keep you posted...