Friday, April 17, 2009

Balancing Act

This is how I'm feeling lately: like I'm balancing all of these ideas and projects and wants and wishes... all in my head! Figured out that I need to take a deep breath...and s-l-o-w down the monkey brain. The good thing is I am FINALLY caught up on all of my swaps and art trades and projects that I committed to. I'm just enjoying the feeling of no pressure to get something finished by a deadline. Anyone who knows me knows that I PROCRASTINATE. I have an idea for a project and I mull it over...and over...and I'm working it out a hundred different ways in my head before I even begin to put paint or ink or anything onto the canvas.

That being said, I do enjoy all of the swaps and art trades and collaborations that I've worked on. I enjoy the finished product; the satisfaction from finishing a piece of art and sending it off in anticipation of the person's reaction. The bonus is getting a piece of art in return! How cool is that?!

My method of madness in creating anything, art or writing, has always been to wait until it's almost too late and then begin. It's not a style most people would choose. I'm not going to change now and I'm not sure I want to. It's how I operate and I've done pretty well with it. Yes, I stress out but when the pressure is on I find that I can and do deliver. I made it through college this way and it has continued on through life. So I learn to just go with it. IF I get started on a project early, I'm shocked! It happens, but not too often. ;)

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