Friday, April 3, 2009


And now for something completely different... I've discovered ttv's! What's a ttv? It stands for "through the viewfinder". These are photos that photographers take of viewfinders and what you end up with are these awesome frames. The resulting image looks kind of vintage and you then fill them up with your art! This frame started life as just the black border and a gray interior. I made my own background with layers and layers (20 plus layers in this piece!) of colors, images, text, etc.

I don't usually work in reds and oranges so I thought I'd try something with those colors. These ttv frames make me want to use my vintage images and I do have a bunch that I've downloaded over the years. I thought this lady had a very determined look on her face. After some tweaking I made her more of what I had in mind for this piece.

There is a flickr group totally dedicated to viewfinder photos. Goldmine! I downloaded a ton of them so expect to see more of these in my art. You can view them at this site: . Check them out! My favorite contributor is Nesster. His viewfinders are always nice and clear.

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