Monday, April 27, 2009

Never Lose That Little Girl Spirit!

I was browsing through the book, "1,000 Journal Pages" and came across a page that had the quote, "Never lose that little girl heart". I LOVED that! I changed mine to "Never lose that little girl spirit!". I have a nice file of vintage photos and I've always loved the one of this little girl. She just looks like she's up for something adventurous!

By the way, the book is a great inspiration for art journalling. It really does show 1,000 pages of art journals. They are condensed so the book itself is not 1,000 pages! ;) But it does have some great eye candy for journalling ideas.

I'm playing with dolls today; the sculpting kind. I'm getting closer to making a face that I can live with! Stay tuned...

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