Sunday, April 19, 2009


Doesn't she look luxurious? I found some awesome images of textures on the web. I believe this one is silk curtains. Anyway, I thought how wonderful it would feel to just wrap up in this! So I found a suitable model and put HER in there instead. She looks nice and comfy, I think. It's a rainy, blah day here so I thought I would "cocoon" and play with my art. Sure, there are a hundred other things I should be doing but this sounded like more fun! ;)

I'm trying something new: creating while listening to music. I know it's not a new idea but it IS new to me. For some reason I always have complete silence when I work in my art room. It's nice to have some music playing. I think it can probably influence what you're working on but that's okay sometimes. I picked up a bunch of "new-agey" CD's at the library and just put them on and starting the dreamy music influenced my cocoon...that's a good thing! Looking at the titles of these CD's I have, "Secret Garden: Dreamcatcher, Loreena McKennitt: Parallel Dreams, and Loreena McKennitt: The Book of Secrets". See a common connection here? Jeez, I love all of these so much I may have to buy them! I have never heard of any of these people but I liked the titles of their CD's. So yes, I picked the CD for it's cover!

That's all for today. Just giving you a peek at what I'm up to. More to come with these tons of textures I've got to work with...

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