Monday, April 6, 2009

Magic Time

I'm still playing with the ttv frames I mentioned in earlier posts. Love these frames! Other news: I'm enrolled in a new workshop that starts today: Visual Journalism. It's all about creating and maintaining an art journal. I'm determined to get this underway. I have a blank journal and am just needing a push in the right direction. The workshop is being offered through Creative Workshops online and is taught by Pam Carriker whose art I love. She has appeared in many issues of Somerset Studio magazine and I was thrilled to find her workshop.

I'm in week 2 of my art doll workshops. The first one deals with sculpting polymer clay heads and faces. This one is a tough one! I'm not a sculptor, I'm finding out. But I'm determined to learn how to do a face that doesn't look like an alien! That's okay if it's the look you are going after but I'm NOT going after that look right now! :) I am making progress. The teacher is an awesome dollmaker and the workshop is offered through her ning site, "nancye's art dolls". I've loaded their badges in my right sidebar so you can check these sites out. These ladies do awesome work. The other doll workshop I'm in is offered through and is a whimsical little doll made from an Altoid's tin (body), wires, clay and an adorable push mold face. I'm progressing and will post her when finished. This is week 2 of 5 week workshop so it will take awhile.

These are all keeping me pretty busy right now which is what I like to be! Stay tuned for any finished works. They'll get here eventually.

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