Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This is another digital collage I put together last week. I've been adding to/taking from it for a few days but I think it's finally finished. I hit the wrong button in Photoshop while trying something else and ended up discovering a whole new menu of fun options! That software is so advanced, I don't know who could possibly master it all! But there are people who are gurus at it who can educate the dummies like me (thank goodness!).

My last collage, "Moonlight Magic" was one of the featured photos of the week at the Creative Souls site! That's quite an honor and I have been fortunate enough to be featured a few times now. I have a link for it on my sidebar; if you haven't visited it yet, you should! Not because my photo is featured on the photos page (because they change those every Sunday) but because it is full of very talented artists from all over the world. I think there are over 2,000 members now. I see a lot of familiar names on that site (many whose books I own!) and love to study their art and techniques. It's always an inspiration to browse the photos and the individual galleries.

It's another cold, windy, rainy, blah day here so I thought I would infuse some color and mystery to the day. Now, back to work. I'm working up the nerve to try an experiment on canvas. What the heck! Might as well try...stay tuned.

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