Monday, May 19, 2008

Birthday Boys

Well, somebody had a birthday this weekend! Or, I should say, some-bodies! My two nephews, Brent and Bryson, celebrated their birthdays Saturday. Brent's birthday was Saturday and Bryson's is this weekend. Little Brent turned one year old! And Bryson will be four. My brother, Dave, and his wife, Melissa, usually throw one big party to celebrate them both since they fall so close together.

They really outdid themselves on this one, from the looks of the pictures Melissa sent. Each boy had his own cake, of course. Brent's had a teddy bear on it and Bryson had a "Diego" cake. I had to ask, since I don't have kids, what's a Diego cake? Melissa says it's a kid's cartoon, and is currently Bryson's favorite. So, he got a Diego cake. It was actually pretty cute.

The major gift looked to be a MONSTER swingset. I don't think they are called that anymore, especially since they have become so complicated. But, I still call them that. This one has a little "clubhouse", a big slide, and I don't know what all. Oh yeah, swings! But that's another story. When Melissa sent the photos, she was documenting the building of this mammoth thing. Last count, I saw four grown men trying to assemble it. Anyway, at every step of the process, she would label the picture, like "slide added" or "clubhouse finished" and at the end of each step she would write, "minus swings" or "still no swings". Hmm. I'm sure there's a story there. I'll have to ask. If, by chance, the swings were somehow damaged or, God forbid, missing from the set, my brother will not be happy.

There were so many cute photos that I had to start these pages right away. If you click on each photo, you'll see a larger version. As I complete more, I'll include them. For some reason, I've had a heck of a time with my computer today. The snafus must be spilling over to the Artella website, too. My digital book is still not ready! Usually, it only takes 48 hours, max, turnaround time. So far, it's been four days. They are supposed to be checking on it. I hope to see it's finished tomorrow. When they finally do finish it, I'll post the link to it on my sidebar.

I've been working on some more paintovers. I've got another bride going right now. This one is very detailed, so it is taking awhile. Plus, life keeps interfering with my plans! I've had a few things that needed attending to, and before you know it, the day is gone. Hopefully, I'll get back to my projects tonight.

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