Saturday, May 31, 2008

Flowers in Bloom

I've been meaning to get these posted before now. These are some of my flowers that have been blooming this spring. My irises are just starting to really bloom. The top two photos are of my lilac bush. I love purple and this shade is perfect! There are tons of lilacs around here, but mine has this unique shade of purple that just outshines all of them.

My irises haven't all opened up all of the way yet, so I hope to get some more pictures of them tomorrow. The prettiest ones are in the shade and are just opening up. I inherited all of these when I moved here, so hopefully they'll still live. ;) I love springtime here. These flowers and the trees blooming make it the prettiest time to be here. I'll post the rest of the pictures tomorrow, I hope.

I have been experiencing major technical difficulties. This week the computer has had major problems. So, I've switched ISP's. Believe it or not, the day I switched the new network is having major problems, also. Is it just me?! I still don't have a working e-mail address. Of course, I did away with the old one so I am in e-mail limbo right now. Hopefully all of this will be resolved SOON!

So posting to the blog will be intermittent until everything gets ironed out. I'm trying to be patient. This is really pushing it, though. Stay tuned....

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