Saturday, May 3, 2008

There's A Mystery Afoot

Here is the first of my Sherlock Holmes ATCs. I just realized today that they have to be mailed by Monday in order to get them to the person hosting the swap in time. I know I'm a procrastinator, but now I'm starting to lose track of time! I need to get a schedule set up for these swaps. Each participant has to make five cards and will get four back in return. The person hosting the swap gets to keep one from everybody. That's a good incentive to host the swap right there. It's a little work making sure each person gets four different cards and not one of their own back, but it's fun.

I have found some nice images to use for this swap. I have a book in my own library called The Complete Casebook of Sherlock Holmes. There aren't a lot of illustrations in it, but all of his cases are listed and there are a few nice images from the cover that I can use. I got online and found out there is a Sherlock Holmes Museum in London, England. My husband will be travelling to London later this month and now plans to visit there. Yes, I am jealous!

I love mysteries, whether they are movies or books, and Sherlock Holmes is my favorite mystery movie. BBC used to run the best shows starring Jeremy Brett as Sherlock Holmes. He's pictured on the left at the bottom of the card. To me, he will always be Sherlock Holmes. He was perfect in the role. The picture above them is supposed to be Sherlock's study. I think it was taken from the set used in the series from TV.

I have two cards finished. I need to create three more before the end of the weekend and get to the post office Monday. When I receive my cards in the mail I'll post them here. Speaking of that, I was informed that my Magic in the Air cards have been mailed and I should be receiving those soon. I'm looking forward to getting those! We got a little preview on the Artella website of all of the participants' cards, so no matter which ones I end up with, I'll love them.

Also, I will post more scrapbook layouts this week. I've gotten some new photos of my nephews and hopefully will be able to get some more of little Ella. I just finished a long walk and now must get ready for dinner. I wanted to post these cards today as an incentive to finish the rest of them tomorrow. More to come later ...

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Anonymous said...

Your art and ideas are quite inspiring! I think I have to add "altered books" to my list of things to try. Last year was all about crafts. Maybe this year will be more about art. Though I've started it on a sewing frenzy... LOL