Saturday, May 17, 2008

Swirly Girl

I decided to bring out some of my doll images for these paintovers. They are closeups for the most part and provide great practice for painting. I had a pinky-orange background painted with some copper metallic highlights. She was just begging to go onto that! Still haven't got the facial colors down yet. Her original image had a very white face, so I tried to stay with that. I'll experiment with more color on another one.

One thing I've found handy to keep in mind: in Lisa Bebi's article on paintovers she says she usually leaves the mouth, eyes and nose alone unless she's going for a more mod look. It's hard to paintover those areas and not make the person look like an alien. I've tried.

Anyway, I've got a few other canvasses lined up and some more brides are coming, complete with embellished gowns. I've been poring over bridal magazines lately. Have you seen the gowns? GORGEOUS!! Ahh, makes me wish for another wedding... maybe not. But, they are something to marvel over. Some of those gowns are works of art in themselves. Hmm... a possible project?

Still waiting word on my digital altered book conversion. I hope to hear from them today. Will keep you posted.

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Anonymous said...

Love the swirly stamps on there. And the color. And being that's it's a doll, not a person, the face is great! These are so much fun! I posted a couple I just did. I don't like the one of me for just that reason... did too much on the skintones. The kids came out much better.