Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bridal Bling

This is my latest adventure in bridal paintovers. You can click on the photo and see a larger version. It's sort of a cross between paper dolls and painting. I wanted a three dimensional effect with the bride so I mounted her torso on a chipboard circle. I made the "dress" the other day. It's just rows of ivory ribbon! Not bad for a first attempt at what I had imagined in my head. Sometimes that's the problem. I see something in my mind, but translating that to the real world is where the challenge lies! If I were a seamstress I wouldn't have so many challenges.

I am starting a series of these. I made a trip to the fabric store and found some gorgeous finds in the bridal section. So, I have added to my fabric stash and plan to make more elaborate "dresses" as I go along. I just wanted to see how the mechanics of all this would work; mounting the dress to a backing, then mounting the whole thing on a canvas board. I'm pretty happy with this first go around.

The second photo shows more detail. I used Swarovski crystals in the bride's jewelry. I found a real pretty pale pink stone in the jewelry section of the art store. I loved that shade and thought it went well with the background colors. I wanted the chandelier to look like it was turned on a low setting. I think it's pretty realistic! I had been hunting for a chandelier image and wanted it to have sort of a mod look. This one was perfect.

So, that's my first attempt of many to come. The bridal theme is really inspiring me now. So many pretty gowns to emulate, paint, etc. And, of course, I'm still working on Ella's next appearance. Hope to have it done by tomorrow. I will post it as soon as I'm finished. I'm still taking my time with it. For now, I must get back to the studio.


Anonymous said...

Excellent!! In such a short time your pics have already shown inprovement and inspiration. I love watching the transformations. Really... now I need to get my canvasses out... I bought a couple recently and watching all this you're doing EVERY day is killing me :) I need to paint!!! (If I could get off my sewing maching since I'm in crazy sewing mode and bcoming "the bag lady" LOL)

Keep it up lady!! :)

Anonymous said...

Cleaning out my basement tonight... found 3 large square boards to paint on... AND... this old Anne Geddes photo album full of great prints. I'm wondering if those might be just perfect for doing paint-overs... hhmmm... made me think of your brides. Or I wonder if I should try something that someone around here (probably 5 and under) would maybe want to put up in their room at some point... hhmmm... so many decisions :)

Isabella said...

Hey, go for it! The Anne Geddes photos would be perfect. I have some doll faces I'm working on right now! Let me know. ;)