Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Eye Candy and the Zine Cover

As promised, here are two of the gorgeous quilts my mother-in-law Lydia has made for me. The first photo is called, "Isabella's Window". I had seen this fabric in something else she had done and mentioned that I really liked it. Next thing I know I was blown away by the beautiful quilt. Talk about stargazing and daydreaming! Perfect window to stare out at, wouldn't you say? The second photo shows a closeup of the window portion.

The next quilt is "Isabella's Dream". Ahh, the photo does NOT do this quilt justice. My bad! This is truly a work of art. She modelled this after Monet and the Impressionist artists. These are my colors: purples, greens, blues...This is a lesson in perfection from a master!!! When my mom first saw this she wanted to take it back with her to enter into the quilt competition at the fair. But I said no because the year before there had been some quilts stolen from the fair barn. I just could not take that chance with this quilt. It would have won hands down. But it stays at my house!! :)

I took these photos standing on the second floor bridge over the entry way in my house. I wanted to show just how huge these quilts are. A ton of work went into these and I LOVE every quilt she had made me. These are truly family keepsakes.

She has also done a beautiful little art quilt that is a remake of Van Gogh's Starry Night. I want to get a photo of that and show you. It is also a beautiful work of art. Hopefully hubby can snap a few photos of it on his next visit! He's a better photographer than I am.

Although it isn't fit to be in the same frame as the gorgeous quilts, I also included the mock up of my zine cover. This one will be my personal copy of the zine. I'm still tweaking colors, size, etc. but the gist of it will be something like this. I wanted to show you a closeup of the butterfly that will be on each cover.

I knitted little samples from this gorgeous yarn that I thought looked just like butterfly wings when you knit it. This color is called trellis, I think. Anyway, I have been making little samples with the fabulous yarns I'm collecting and thought I'd make a bunch of these for my butterfly wings. When I get a better cover more true to size, I'll post it. This is just a ROUGH draft, and since it's my personal copy, I thought I'd throw it in, too.

Now, back to work...I should be receiving my ATC's from the Secret Door Swap anytime now. I've seen on the Artella website that a lot of people have already received theirs. I'm waiting anxiously for those and will post those when they come in.

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