Saturday, July 5, 2008

Miss Glamour Princess

Straight from the red carpet, here is Miss Glamour Princess. She's seen here admiring her jeweled tiara. She's wearing her new sapphire blue taffeta gown, complete with a dramatic gossamer ruffle and her white arm-length gloves. She was recently crowned Miss Glamour Princess and she is savoring her moment in the spotlight. You can click on the photo and get a larger view.

She was a lot of fun to make. I'm not happy with a few things, but with each doll I learn a little more of what to do and NOT do next time. Right now I'm working on a woodland fairy doll taken from an idea project sheet I saw at Hobby Lobby. I also have some ideas for future dolls that I'm sketching out. My e-friend Lori was right when she told me that once you start making dolls it's addictive and you sometimes never go back...

It's time for my next ATC swap and the theme for this one is "Secret Door". I have to finish these by early next week and get them mailed off to Artella. I'll post those when they are finished. For some reason, I thought the theme was Secret Garden. I'm glad I checked. I like Secret Door better; more creative ideas came to me with that one. :)

Also in the works is a painting I'm attempting. I'm not ready to talk about it yet, as it's still in the early planning stages, but I'm very excited about it. Hope you all enjoyed your July 4th holiday. I will post that gorgeous quilt I mentioned in my last post very soon! I haven't forgotten. Right now it's back to work. Until next time...

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