Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hopes Take Flight

Here is a little painting I was inspired to work on. One of the poets at the Artella website (see sidebar) wrote a little poem called "Red Balloon" that inspired me to paint this scene. It's a paintover of a little girl I found in my image file. The rest of the photo is painted over just to leave a background. I added the balloons (large sequins tied with white thread). You can click on the photos to get a larger view. Here is the original poem by Ramona Davis (PoeticJava):

Red Balloon

I dream and hopes take flight
like a long tailed kite -- or a red balloon
whose basket holds
treasures; promises,
colored stones or words
to live by. Such
sacred wonders.

Published Jul 06, 2008, by Ramona Davis

I love poetry and need to get back to writing some more. I go through creative spurts in each area. Right now I'm in a huge creative spurt with mixed media collage. This painting is titled, "Hopes Take Flight" from the first line of Ramona's poem. It's a mixed media on canvas board. Hubby said the little girl looks sad. I don't know, maybe. I think it has a haunting look and a carefree look at the same time. Is that possible? ;) When I posted this is my gallery at Artella, Ramona said she loved it. That's what I was wanting to hear, so mission accomplished!

Below the paintings I've put my third ATC. This one is called Secret Door to Magic. The reason I was so excited about this ATC swap is because I LOVE photos of old doors. I have a computer file of images of nothing but doors. Something about them draws me to wonder what's going on behind them. Or, if they are really old, I wonder what happened there in the past.

Anyway, I loved this door image and decided to make it a magic place when you enter it. This also gave me an opportunity to include another of my current obsessions: fairies! I LOVE fairies, as you know if you've read this blog for very long. (Click on my digital altered books in the sidebar) The second ATC photo says, "Secret Door to Magic". The gel pen didn't scan so well.

Today I am getting serious about starting my zine. Time will be gone before I know it. The search is on for images to fit my chosen theme which is... I'll tell you tomorrow! :) Until then...

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