Friday, July 18, 2008

Real Life Fairy Garden

The Fairy Garden is in! This is what hubby and I have been working on all week. Actually, hubby has done most of the work. But, yours truly DID do her fair share of shovelling gravel. I like to do that, strangely enough. :)

When I was photographing the garden, the stones didn't show up, so I had to give them their own closeups. There is a stone on each side of the fairies. I have such a collection of fairies that it was hard to choose which ones to set out. I can always alternate them in and out if I choose. So, this is my magical spot to gaze at each morning. The sun rises on this side of the house, so they are bathing in the light when I first see them. I'd say that's a good way to start the day!

I'm making steady progress on my zine. Tomorrow I'll include some of the "stars" that will make their appearance in each zine. My imagination is really having a heyday with this big project. Luckily I have a couple of months to pull it all together. I will need every bit of that with all of the things I have in mind.

I'll keep it short today. Stay tuned for further developments...

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