Thursday, November 13, 2008

Halloween ATC's Have Arrived!

Look what arrived in the mail today! Boo! Aren't they cute? These are the art doll ATC's that came from the Monthly Art Doll Swap for October. I made four dolls and received five in return. Can't beat that! The hostess made a doll for everyone who participated in the swap (the little ghost). These people are good! Their dolls are so intricate; tiny parts and on such a little scale. They must have very thin fingers to be able to work so small. I love these! I have to have November's dolls finished and into the hostess' hands by the last day of the month. I guess I'd better get to it!

I finished up the paper doll that was supposed to represent "me" for the paper doll swap at Artella. I'll post it next time. I hope to have them all in the mail tomorrow. Saturday is the mailing deadline. Yes, I'm going to get a big monthly wall calendar with big blocks for the days so I'll be able to glance up and see when these various swaps are due.

Everyone who participated in the zine swap at Artella seems pleased with their zines. I've received some very nice comments and am in the process of commenting to each author on their zine. I definitely want to do another one when they announce it.

All of these art swaps are keeping me hopping. This is good. I've got more things in the mix that I'll share in the coming days. Right now I have to finish up a few loose ends and get packages ready for the post office tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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