Thursday, November 6, 2008

Spinning My Wheels

This is the other ATC I made for the Winner Takes All drawing. The person listed under their preferred themes: anything Zetti. So, I took these little Zetti stamps (included as freebies in my last order!) and embellished them to pieces! The bottom design is actually a stamp! I glued seed beads in various colors to this "rocky road". I have a ton of buttons, so I picked two metal ones and made those the wheels.

It doesn't show up too well but I colored his hat and little collar thingie with a copper glitter gel pen. The background is a digital background from a digital scrapbooking kit. It's kind of a monotone card, but I liked the colors and the feel of the card after it was finished. So I send these off today and can mark that off my list.

The title today also refers to how I'm feeling this week; like I'm just spinning my wheels. I can't seem to make much progress on the other projects I've started. Things keep popping up like this Winner Takes All obligation or there is some yardwork that has to get done before the rain comes, etc. I'm very excited about these paper dolls and want to finish them! I WILL finish one today. Then I have to finish the November art doll cards and get those mailed. Yes, it's my fault for signing up for all of them but I'll finish it all on time. I always do!

Enough for today. I must get these to the post office and then back to work. Stay tuned...

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